Secured Credit Card At Walmart

Secured Credit Card At Walmart

Walmart, the retail giant offers 2 types of credit cards:

Walmart store credit card

It can be used for buying only in Walmart Stores and Supercenters, www., Sam’s Clubs, Neighborhood Markets, and Walmart and Murphy USA Gas Stations.

Walmart MasterCard

This version could be used wherever MasterCard is accepted.

Both the MasterCard and the Walmart store card offer specific advantages.

Those include:

Save up cash back program

Both cards enlist shoppers in Walmart’s award program, which offers cash back on everyday buying. You get:

3 Percent back on buying made at

2 Percent back on fuel at Walmart and Murphy USA gas stations (Murphy Express is not included).

1 Percent back on everything else, including Sam’s Club, Walmart physical stores, Neighborhood Markets, and everywhere else that accepts Mastercard.

Awards are distributed as a monthly statement credit. There is no limit at the number of awards you can earn. And they will not expire as long as your account is in well standing.

Little sign-up bonus

Both cards also come with a 25 USD statement credit if you expend 25 USD on a Walmart within twenty-four hours of opening your account.


If you are new to credit cards or have bad credit, you will still probably qualify for the Walmart store card. Clients with FICO points as low as 550 may generally be approved.

The MasterCard variant of the Walmart credit card generally requires a credit point of 660 or higher, which is considered the low end of “fine” in the credit point scale.

No annual fee

Private in-store financing offers

Both cards present special promotional in-store financing on big buying. In other words, card owners take an interest-free grace time to pay off their balance. The term changes based on the amount of your buying.

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