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If you are a freelance, these 5 credit cards are convenient for you

CITY OF MEXICO.- In Mexico, 96.5% of the population is economically active (PEA).

Of these, 68.9% are employed as subordinated and remunerated workers occupying a job position or position; 22.3% work independently or on their own; 4.5% work in family businesses and only 4.3% are employers or employers, according to data from the National Occupation and Employment Survey (ENOE) of Inegi.

“Access a credit card if you work independently or have a business is already possible, banks have developed plastics with low requirements and are ideal for all people who do not work permanently in a company” says Bernardo Prum, director comercial at

The options offered by banking institutions for these people are:

Low Credit Cards

In these cases, users can choose the cut-off date, a lower rate of interest, no commission or annuity payment and access to promotions and exclusive offers with the bank.

In addition, they accumulate points for all purchases made with plastic and can exchange for items, experiences and travel. In general, this type of card is the basic or classic of each bank.

Departmental Cards

These are the plastics offered by department stores, with which you can pay for all the purchases you make and access promotions and exclusive discounts at the store. These plastics should be requested directly from the store and require low requirements.

Secured Credit Cards

They are ideal for people who have no relationship with the bank, the credit limit that is accessed is the money that the customer deposits in the account, which works as a guarantee.

Among the credit cards recommended by for people who work on their own are:

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